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Online since 18th November 2011. Your comments on usability, navigation and architecture are welcome.

General options
This website presents activities of the International Playback Theatre Network IPTN and its members. It serves as a public forum as well as a community space for exchange and disemination of information and ideas. Basic infos about groups and members as well as blog communication and journal issues (»interplay«) are available without restriction to all visitors of the site. To input and change information is restricted to members.

The site provides comprehensive options to get in touch with members and specialists of the network. "Contact" gives you the option to target specific questions. "Community" provides contact data or an anonymous option to contact individual members. "Join us" deserves as a starting point for indivuals and groups to apply for membership in the network. A questionnaire will be delivered and you are asked to send your answers to the webmaster.

As an approved member you get an email from the system with a link for login and setting up your account. You should change your password and you should check the data we have for you (see below). Address information for individuals are only visible to others if you consciously decide so. Parts of the site are only available for logged in users. So as a member you may always login first to have the full range of options available.

The primary content menu is located in the upper right corner of the window: HOME - ABOUT US - COMMUNITY - INTERPLAY - FORUM and BLOG SPHERE. »interplay« is a journal dedicated to practitioners exchange and reflection about their work. Priviledged access and download of »interplay« publications may be reserved for IPTN members.

Setting up your profile as a member
The MyPTN-Link in the sub-menu is for login to the site but after login, it points to your profile page. There you will set up and change your personal data. Click the edit button (top of the page) and chose different sections like "address data", "additional info". It is of some importance that you check all these settings, since they have an effect on the appearance of this website to you. You also decide, which newsletters you want to subscribe for.

Your appearance in the COMMUNITY member lists
Member lists are generated from data in your profile. On your personal card we show by default: your name and city. On your profile page you can input more details about your activities. Please consider to upload pictures and have a look at the "How you are seen by Members and Public" section in your profile. There you adjust your contact data as shown to all visitors and to members only - exactly according to your wish. "Your text" shows up to all visitors of the site, as a part of your personal card in the member list.

Setting up IPTN Groups
Groups are related to the user account of an individual, in general this will be the contact person of that group. In the profile of that person a "group" button is displayed. In this section you will input the specifics of your group and also text and visuals. You may input a foto and the logo of your group. Each contact person can input one group. Please consider that the group email is displayed on member lists, whereas your personal email as a contact person identifies your account but will not be displayed unless you give this information consciously. The webmaster will support you with adjustments if need is.

Member list navigation
In the member list ("Community") you may browse by country. Lists are limited to the countries where IPTN has active members. Your are shown three parallel lists for regular members / practitioners / groups. Your selection is kept during your site visit unless you change it.

Have your say: FORUM and BLOG
We set up two forums so far: A Japanese one and a Chinese one. The idea behind this is that we want to offer a space for native language conversation that would be confusing when mixed with other channels. Other forums are possible. The webmaster is open to your proposals. So far forum entries would be possible for members only.
The BLOG was set up as a multi-layer tool for announcements and exchange of opinions. As a logged in member you can write blog entries. Visitors can comment on blog entries. After some experience we may adjust these things. "IPTN Announcements" are visible only to logged in members! "IPTN Announcements" and "IPTN News" are written by asigned IPTN personnel. Special announcements in the columns left and right side (blue headline) of the page may be also be shown only to logged in members.

Contact Tools
To reach your fellow member you will use the envelope symbol in his or her personal card ("Community"). In the profile of a member - visible by clicking on the picture in his or her card (members only!) - you see a button "contact". This brings you to the same form, where you may write to that person but the email of that person is kept confidential.
Visitors to the site have a similar option: via envelope symbol they can contact whatever member of the IPTN network for questions and advise. To get a reply visitors should keep attention and input their email address so they can get a reply.

Member payment with Paypal
Your payment is made visible in your profile after a check (done by your membership secretary). You cannot change this setting by yourself. If you feel your status does not fit with your actual payments, you should contact your membership secretary.

If you have basic problems with this site and need specific help, you should use the contact form or write to the webmaster.

Text revision: 12th March 2012