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A. L. M. Reza Aziz

Dhaka - 1218

Apt. B3, House 14, Road 4,
Rupnagar (Shialbari) R/A,
Mirpur-2, Dhaka-1218,
E-mail: almrezaaziz@yahoo.com
Cell: +88 01716719769

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Abigail Leeder

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Abigail Stone

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Akanchha Karki

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Alejandro Moran


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Allen Hancock

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Amanda Grazioli

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Amber Espar

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Amelia Kriss

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Ana María Fernández Espinosa


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Ani Phuong Nguyen

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Anisa Perbtani-Hendryx

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Anita Rich

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Anna Schaum

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Anna Brogan Knight

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Anne Ellinger

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Anne Stephenson


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Anne Platzbecker


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Anne-Liese Fox

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Annie Hoffman

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Anoek van Praag Inbar

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Ariana Ruckle

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Armand Volkas

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Baiju Gopal

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Barbara Johnson

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Benjamin Rivers

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Beth Chambers

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Bob Neufeld

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Brad Stoller

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Brie Barker


Ottawa, ON

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Bronwyn Murray-Bozeman

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Cat Gilliam


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Chris Fitz

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Chris Small

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Christiane Lunkewitz-Filimonov


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Christina Fotaki


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Christine A Lavoie

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Christopher Ellinger

Building a network to connect those who love Playback Theatre in North America.

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Christopher von Baeyer

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Colleen Schields

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Daniel Dangler

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David Jan Jurasek


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Debe Edden


PO Box 1883
Olympia , WA 98507

I have been practicing Playback since 1991. I continue to discover how to be a better conductor, teacher, group leader & actor. That is what I love about committing to a craft - one always has the opportunity to go deeper and hone skills. In the hundreds of performances I have been a part so many stories have stayed with me - enriching my life and reminding of my humanity and our shared connections as humans.

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Deborah Zavos

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Dora Lanier

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Doug Hilton

Vancouver, BC

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Efrat Ashiri

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Eileen Kell

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Elisabeth Couture

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Elisabeth Taylor

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Elke Houston

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Ellen Anthony

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Ellen Silverman

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Ellen Stone

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Eric Cho

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Erica Eigenberg

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Erin Curren

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Esther Kroon

Den Haag

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Ethan Rogol

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Eva Vander Giessen

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Felix Treitler

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Franci Dumar

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Frank Dumar

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Gabriele Steib


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Gail Schwartz

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Gary Mitchener

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Grace Cleaves

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Gunjan Dixit

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Harald Polzin


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Isolde de Vries (Dr)

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James Lucal


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James A Murrell

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Jane Hoy


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Jane Keeler

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Jaqueline G Hayward

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Jen Goldman

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Jennie Kristel

Burlington, vermont 05408

11 Kilburn Street
Burlington,Vermont 05401

Currently I am working on the Board of Directors of the Centre for Playback Theatre. I also teach Playback locally at college level, and internationally, in the last 11 years I have worked with Universities, theatre activists, social workers and the community in Bangladesh, India, and Indonesia offering playback theatre in different contexts.

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Jessica McAvoy

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Jet Black

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Jo Powers

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Jody Satriani

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Johnny Lapham

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Jonathan Wyner

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José Ramos Marques

Paço de Arcos

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Josef Engel

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Judy Freed

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Judy Swallow

New Paltz

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Julia Schreiber

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Justin Simons

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Karen Miranda

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Karin Small

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Katalin Kovács


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Kathy Simmonds

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Kay Lynn


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Kelly Dumar

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Kimberly Rattley

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Kym Dakin-Neal

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Laura Mora

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Lauren Ardman

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Lauren Garlick

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Laxmi Priya

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Leilani Henry

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Leticia Nieto

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Linda Park-Fuller


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Linda Zaitchik

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Lorenzo Aragon

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Louise Campbell

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Lucy Lu

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Lydia Beth Leimbach

Rochester, Washington State

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Lynette Bullard

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Lynn Ellison-Murphy

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Marc Weinblatt

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Marc Weiss

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Marc Rolland


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Maria Tereza Schaedler-Luera

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Marie Robinson

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Marisol Goodman

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Mark Roberts

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Mark Tully

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Marlena Merrin

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Marlene Neufeld

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Martin Masters

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Mary-Elizabeth Wheeler

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Maryl Weatherburn

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Meg Christie

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Melanie Kundert

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Meryl Levin

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Michael Chen Zheng'An

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Mira Rozenberg

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Mitchell Conway

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Monica Tecca

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Morag Morrison


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Mubarak Ansari

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Naida Weisberg

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Nancy Capaccio

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Nandini Rao


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Nir Shavit

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Nisha Sajnani

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Olga Rubio

Brisbane, Australia. Sevilla, Spain


I am an Andalusian multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Australia. My practice includes visual arts, multimedia and performance, including Playback Theatre. I have completed a degree in Semiotics of Culture (Chile), a Bachelor of Fine Arts and another in Music (Spain).

Of an adventurous nature and motivated by a strong inter-cultural curiosity, I encounter an endless source of inspiration in rituals, myths, and belief systems (contemporary and traditional), which mark the expressive and symbolic strength of my creations.

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Olive M Adkins

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Pamela Freeman

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Pamela Gold

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Pardis Parsa

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Patricia Plaey

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Paul Ducharme

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Paul Gareau

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Paul McIsaac

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Paul Merrill

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Peter Abrams


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Peter Kent

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Peter Wright


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Ramji David

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Randy Mulder

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Rashmii Ravi

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Ratnakar Baggi

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Rebecca Brown-Adelman

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Rebecca M Ridge

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Rita Bug-Sippel

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Robert McKenzieSullivan

Tenino, WA

14702 Old Hwy 99 SE
Tenino, WA 98589

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Ronald Miller


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Roxan McKinnon

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Roy Ford

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Ruth Yeo

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Sabine Armbruster

47533 Kleve

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Sannidhi Surop

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Siddartti Kumar Jain

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Susan Glenn

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Susan Southard

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Susan Amsler-Parsia-Parsi

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Susanne Bürgi

St. Gallen

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Tara Jaffar


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Teresa Dinaburg Dias

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Tonia Pinheiro

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Tonya Quillen

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Uma Devi Sugantharaj

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Vicki Summers

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Virginia Murphy

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Warren Linds

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Yvette D Murrell

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Yvonne Murphy

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Zhaleh Almaee

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Buenos Aires

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Airi Pyykkö


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Akemi Yoshino


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Alison Fairlove


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Amanda Brown


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Anastasya Vorobyova


Regional Secretary of Russia.

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Andrea Schulze

Patzig / Rügen

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Aniko Kaposvari (Dr)


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Anna Chesner


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Anna Heriot


+61 (0)410 233 756

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Anne Chua


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Annette Henne

Singaraja (Bali)

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Annita Kalpaka


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Antonio Ferrara

São Paulo

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António Vicente


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Arja Hämäläinen


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Assael Romanelli



Hello, I am a PT teacher as well as a Couple and Family therapist and a process workshop facilitator. My interest in PT is in the meeting point between art and therapy.
I am the artistic director of the all-men Jerusalem PT group "Or Chozer" (reflection of light). We are composed of secular and orthodox Jewish actors who come together to foster dialogue between different social and religious groups in Israel. We work with educational, religious and social organizations around Israel.

I am currently pursuing my PHD researching the effects of teaching improvisation to therapists at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

I've been leading workshops and intensives on specific topics in PT for a few years and enjoy researching this rich art form. My PT special topics include: Ninja actor, Choirs, Dillemas/conflicts, Sexuality and Eroticism, Stillness, and long form enactments.

I enjoy travelling to different IPTN events around the world and share some of my learnings and techniques.

I have written several articles regarding PT in recent years: Ninja Actor in PT (appears in INTERPLAY 2013-06), PT in the Orthodox religious community, Sexuality and Eroticism in PT [Published in The Journal of Practical Psychologist 2013(5) in Russian]. Please feel free to contact me to receive these articles.

I hope to meet you soon.

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Aviva Apel-Rosental


Aviva Apel-Rosental's picture

Beata Somogyi

Member of Pepita Playback Theatre / a Pepita Playback Társulat tagja (Budapest)
Guest Member of True Heart Theatre and London Playback Theatre / a True Heart Theatre és a London Playback Theatre vendég tagja (London)
Project-coordinator of Art for Multicultural Communities , Grundtvig Learning Partnership 2010-2012 / nemzetközi projektkoordinátor a Művészettel a multikulturális közösségekért, Grundtvig tanulási kapcsolatok projektben 2010-2012
Artistic Director of the Budapest team in the project "Discover Peace in Europe" / a "Fedezd fel a békét Európában" projekt budapesti csapatának szakmai vezetője
masters/mesterek: Dr. Tihamér Bakó, Attila Donáth, Veronica Needa, Aviva Apel-Rosenthal, Jonathan Fox, Larry Ng

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Bev Hosking


Bev Hosking's picture

Brian Tasker


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Charlette Auque-Dauber


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Chisato Nakatani


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Christian Penny


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Contact Person



"Villanások" Mentális Színház


Contact Person

Magdolna Novák



Abaruna Playback Theatre


Contact Person

Antonio Vitorino Cardoso Neto

phone: +55 41 91045234

vitorinocardoso@yahoo.com.br |

Alchemistry Playback Theatre


Contact Person

Lyubitov Igor

phone: +7 916 560 2690

We try to think about a teller’s story as of the wonderful and precious item. the central idea of our work: every story _is_ archetypical. We recognize archetypes in the story and take them as “vessels” which we try to fill with our own feelings or motives. We try to relate the teller’s story with all the stories ever told. And the archetypes are the “meeting points”, the link. Thus we can be not postmodernistic, but postpostmodernistic and be in contact with feelings and emotions.

a-playback@yandex.ru |

ALL Playback Theatre


Contact Person

Misako Watanabe

phone: +81-6-7173-5105
fax: +81-6-7173-5105

Asheville Playback Theatre

Contact Person

Deborah Scott


Auckland Playback Theatre


Contact Person

Julie Watson


Auckland Playback Theatre performs for the public on the first Friday of every month.
WHERE: All Saints Church Hall, 284 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby (corner of Cowan Street.and Ponsonby Road)
WHEN: Show starts at 8pm and usually runs until around 9.30pm.
The company is available for commissioned performances.

aucklandplayback@gmail.com | http://www.aucklandplaybacktheatre.com

Awareness & Growth Approach Center

Contact Person

Hidekazu Takahashi


hapg@kzd.biglobe.ne.jp |

Big Apple Playback Theatre

Contact Person

Hannah Fox & Erica Eigenberg



Blickwechsel - Playbacktheater Freiburg

Freiburg / Breisgau

Contact Person

Jutta Heppekausen

phone: +499 761 7901108

heppekausen@ph-freiburg.de | http://www.blickwechsel-freiburg.de/

Blue Mountains Playback Theatre


Contact Person

Ann Baker

phone: +61 435 510 270

PO Box 449
Katoomba NSW 2780

BLUE MOUNTAINS began in 1998 and since then has performed about a hundred shows: for families and Blue Mountains public, as well as being hired to perform at a great variety of conferences and special corporate, educational or community events in the Blue Mountains, Sydney and other locations in NSW. We rehearse weekly and are committed both individually and as a group to continuously updating and improving our skills.

info@bluemountainsplayback.com.au | http://www.bluemountainsplayback.com.au

Brasilis Playback Theatre

São Paulo

Contact Person

Mario de A. Moura

phone: +55 11 3661.7601

Rua Tupi 728/08
São Paulo - SP


contato@brasilisplayback.com | http://www.brasilisplayback.com


sao paulo

Contact Person

Magda Miranda

phone: 551129242865

magda.miranda@uol.com.br |

Breathing Fire


Contact Person

Valerie Mower

phone: +44 (0) 7795091269

Visit us ...
... on Facebook
... on Twitter

Bristol Black Women's Playback Theatre Company
We are a group of Black women of Afrikan / Caribbean descent who are committed to the empowerment of those who have historically been denied a voice.

breathingfire@hotmail.co.uk | http://www.breathingfire.co.uk

Brisbane Playback Theatre


Contact Person

Kris Plowman


PO Box 363
Red Hill
Queensland 4059

Brisbane Playback Theatre Inc began in 1989 when Francis Batten initiated the Company. Since then many people have been part of the troupe, honouring people’s stories. Our members come from many disparate occupations and professions and are involved because of their love of this unusual, challenging, inspiring, inclusive form of theatre.

| http://www.brisbaneplayback.com.au/theatre/

Canberra Playback Theatre


Contact Person

Ian Wood


letswatch@canberraplayback.org | http://canberraplayback.org/

Cape Byron Playback

Mullumbimby, NSW

Contact Person

Lisa Apostolides




Contact Person




Colectivo de Teatro Alas


Contact Person

Loreto Campusano Saravia

phone: 56 9 77653651

Colectivo Alas nace el año 2009. Es un grupo abierto en el que todas las personas que han participado en el "Taller Alas" tienen un lugar. Su corazón es abrir Alas en comunidad y ponerse al servicio de sus historias abriendo puentes de entendimiento e integración social. Se basa en la premisa que hay aves que se juntan para sólo un vuelo migratorio, y luego siguen sus tránsitos, pero ese vuelo los transforma, cambia y les hace migrar. Juntas las aves han realizado alrededor de 30 funciones de teatro playback en Chile, Argentina y Uruguay.
Alas Collective born 2009. It is an open group where everyone who participated in the workshop "Wings" have a place. His heart is open wings in community and be of service to their stories opening bridges of understanding and social integration. It is based on the premise that there are birds that come together for just a migratory flight, and then follow their transitions, but that flight transforms, changes and makes them migrate. Together the birds have done about 30 performace in Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.

comparte.alas@gmail.com | http://colectivo-alas-teatro-espontaneo.blogspot.com/

Compagnia del Fare e Disfare


Contact Person

Luigi Dotti

fax: 0309823773

c/o Cooperativa 'La Mongolfiera', Trav. XII n° 164/166 - Villaggio Sereno,
25100 - Brescia (Italy)

faredisfare@playback.it | http://www.playback.it/faredisfare.html

Compañia de Teatro Vuelo


Contact Person

Loreto Campusano Saraiva


Maipu 353. Barrio Yungay. Santiago Centro. Region Metropolitana Chile.

La Compañía VUELO nace a fines del año 2006, tiene la intención de facilitar la transformación colectiva y establecer puentes estéticos entre la tragedia y la belleza de lo humano por medio de un salto metafórico que nos permita estar, transitar y recorrer historias para lo cual el teatro playback es un puente maravilloso.
Somos un grupo interdisciplinario de 9 integrantes, hombres y mujeres, amigos y compañeros de viaje, que además de trabajar vinculados en áreas de salud, educación, infancia en situación de vulnerabilidad, organizaciones e inclusión social.Nos moviliza y nos impulsa la idea de construir espacios para transitar historias con respeto y arte.
Somos: Verónica Berrios Justiniano. Loreto Campusano Saravia. Leonor Corada Luis. María Cecilia Inostroza Torreblanca. Magdalena Rivera Becker. Roberto Rivera Mardones. Angelo Mendoza Tapia. Nerea Ocaranza Lázaro. Álvaro Valenzuela Rivera.
The Company Vuelo born in late 2006, is intended to facilitate collective transformation and establish aesthetic bridges between tragedy and beauty of the human through a metaphorical jumping allows us to be, transit and travel stories for which the playback theater is a wonderful bridge.
We are an interdisciplinary group of nine members, women and men, friends and companions, in addition to related work in areas of health, education, children in vulnerable situations, including organizations and social.Nos mobilizes and encourages us the idea of ​​building spaces with respect to travel stories and art.
we are : Verónica Berrios Justiniano. Loreto Campusano Saravia. Leonor Corada Luis. María Cecilia Inostroza Torreblanca. Magdalena Rivera Becker. Roberto Rivera Mardones. Angelo Mendoza Tapia. Nerea Ocaranza Lázaro. Álvaro Valenzuela Rivera.

teatrovuelo@gmail.com | http://www.teatrovuelo.cl

Cuerpo Adentro Playback Theatre

La Habana

Contact Person

Susana Gil Padron

phone: +5352531209

Somos itinerantes, nuestras vidas cambian y tambien nuestros domicilios...

Nuestro grupo se fundo el 27 de marzo de 2007 y desde entonces ha trabajado en diversos lugares alternativos de La Habana y en toda Cuba.
Servimos al pueblo intentando crear espacios de inclusion y de escucha.

Somos: Ornelis, Kirenia, Susana, Milagros, Rachel, Rosmery

teatrocuerpoadentro@gmail.com | http://www.facebook.com/CuerpoAdentro/

Die Da

Contact Person

Marina Neumann-Schönwetter



Dionisos Teatro

Santa Catarina

Contact Person

phone: 55 - 47- 3432 6654/9604 6691

dioteatro@gmail.com |

Dunedin Playback Theatre

Contact Person

Lindsey Shields



Ecco Playback Theatre Liverpool

Contact Person

Bernie Hammond




Contact Person

Ingrid Meßmer



Encounter Playback Theatre


Contact Person

Eddie Yu & Mercy Liu

phone: +852 5373-0573

Encounter Playback Theatre
B2, 12/F, Victorious Factory Building
35, Tseuk Luk Street
San Po Kong / Kowloon

Established in 2009, Encounter Playback Theatre are an artistic group focusing on Playback Theatre. The company enhances their professional standard and practices Playback Theatre with regular rehearsals, performances and open workshops. We believe there is care and connection among people. It is a beautiful blessing for people encounter each other’s lives through story sharing and dramatic enactment.

encounterpb@gmail.com | http://www.encounterplayback.org

Estonian Playback Theatre


Contact Person



Findhorn Playback Theatre


Contact Person

Jacqui Jones

phone: +44 1343 850123

Inaugurated with our first public performance at the 1999 Findhorn Foundation Forgiveness Conference. Since then we offer our Playback services widely to the community in N.E. Scotland, and beyond.

findhornplayback@btinternet.com |