Crimea 15–22 July 2012: «The story and its royal moments»

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First International Playback camp in the Crimea 2012

«The story and its royal moments»
July 15-22
Karin Gisler, Aniko Kaposvari and coaches from Russia

Every story - be it very simple or very complex - has its "royal moments" where a change takes place and the direction of the story shifts. In these moments the essence of the story can unfold like a magic flower. In this workshop we will investigate on: How to recognize these moments? How to bring them on stage? How to do this in a team of actors? Lets watch!There will be morning warm ups on the sea shore, recitals under the guidance of our coach, and many more truly unforgettable moments!

The Way Intensive Will be Held

  • We will plunge into the creative atmosphere, get to the very top of Playback Theatre, and perform with colleagues from different parts of Russia.
  • We will get to know how to perform stories and be part of a team on the stage.
  • We will have a better understanding of the inner processes of performance of the actors of Playback Theatre.
  • Surely we will have a lot of fun in the Crimea in a cozy gathering of friends and colleagues. In the end we will definitely make a performance for the audience!

Location of Intensive

Peninsula Kazantip, settlement Schelkino. Peninsula Kazantip is washed by the Sea of Azov from three sides (West/North/East), and it sides with Kerch Peninsula only from South part; that makes a great combination of dry steppe air and sea air, rich in sea salt and iodine, which is in fact a perfect combination for respiratory organs.

The registration fee

EUR 250 if paid before April 30.

Payment of residence
Room rates per night (no meals)
2-bed room 30 €
3-bed room 35 €
4-bed room 38 €
Meals charged separately if desired.
* The question of residence is considered individually.
Accommodation prices are approximate.

Anastasya Vorobyova
007 8 (916) 027 61 15


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