Welcome to the International Playback Theatre Network !

Formed in 1990, the International Playback Theatre Network (IPTN) is an association of Playback Theatre groups, practitioners and supporters. The IPTN exists to enable all of us to connect as a global community, foster networking and deepen collective learning and wisdom. Anyone is welcome to join IPTN, as a powerful way of supporting the values and practice of Playback Theatre. IPTN members agree to value the form and spirit inherent in Playback Theatre.

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The Vision
IPTN provides an independent, inclusive and global platform that strengthens Playback Theatre Practice through connection and mutual influence.
The Mission

The purpose of this association is to further the development of Playback Theatre worldwide by affirming and bringing forth both our unity and our diversity. Through sharing our vision, we seek to enrich, strengthen, and inspire one another, and to maintain the aliveness of the Playback process. This is accomplished through membership services including:

  • Membership Directory
  • Web Site
  • Interplay Journal and online newsletter
  • Support for International and Regional gatherings
  • Recognition of Practitioners and Groups
A Path to Integrity
Please read the seminal essay of IPTN's founding director Jonathan Fox: {English version}{Japanese version}
International Playback Theatre Network Membership

Please join the International Playback Theatre Network!

What Do You Get as a Member of IPTN?
  • All members are listed in the Member Directory, which is distributed to members and published online.
  • Group and Practitioner members can use the trademarked name and logo of Playback Theatre, and be listed in the IPTN website with the opportunity to provide information about their work, including links to their own web pages.
  • All members receive the IPTN News Bulletin - Interplay - by post

There are three categories of Membership:

  • Group member
    A Playback Theatre company engaged in regular performances, or in the process of developing skills to perform.
    Groups are often led by Practitioner members, and if not, often have a mentor who can see and guide their work as needed.
    Mentors are Practitioner Members of IPTN with deep experience.
    New groups are welcome to contact the IPTN Board for advice on suitable mentors.
  • Practitioner member
    Any individual teaching, performing or using Playback Theatre method in a professional context.
    Practitioner status is granted by on the basis of a combination of experience and training:
    • At least 3 years in a company;
    • Complete advanced training as actor, conductor, and group practice;
    • Referred by two existing IPTN Practitioner Members
  • Regular member
    Any person interested in and supportive of Playback Theatre, including the people who are involved with Playback but not yet qualified to be Practitioner Members.

We ask that you encourage other people from your community to join the IPTN, to further strengthen the organisation.
Please click our contact form (chose "Membership questions and queries"). You may also contact the membership secretary for your region.